Our Mission
Missions in Haiti is a ministry of David and Alicia Lloyd, and our goal is to see the Gospel of Christ make a difference in the lives of Haiti's young people.
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Holiday Greetings from Haiti!

It’s hard to believe, another year is wrapping up. The older we get the faster time flies and the past few months were no exception to that rule!

I accompanied Adline, Miriam and Yanick to Pennsylvania at the end of August so they could begin another year at Free Gospel Bible Institute. The Lord really blessed us, one morning I had a few minutes so I went online to check the price of airline tickets from Port au Prince to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and the tickets were available at that time for $75.00 per ticket on American Airlines, which was an unheard of super-low price! Needless to say, I immediately booked the flights for the four of us!  

Miriam and Yanick are seniors this year and they will graduate in May of 2018. We are looking forward to them returning to Haiti ...

Our Ministries
We have been in Haiti since 1998 and have had many opportunities to minister to children and their families. House of Compassion, our children's home, provides a loving environment for 36 children. We've also started a boy's home, two churches, and three schools. Everything from our building projects to the daily care of our children is funded by our loyal supporters in the U.S.
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